My Stalking Ordeal

For the last 30 Years I have been stalked by the same man David Williamson from Fife he then moved to Kelso and from there to England where because he threatened to blow up Harrods and othe major landmarks in London he also robbed a hotel in Hyde park then threatened the Money shop when they refused to change the stolen money he had a shotgun for that. He got ten years for terrorism in 2012 they are letting him out this year on 5.12.17. While in Jail in England he sent the Police to my house asking them to tell me to stop writing to him which of course I would never dream of doing as I am his victim. After an investigation My complaint against the Police was upheld.

This man as a judge in England said is very dangerous and I fear for my life and that of my 90 year old mum when this man gets out to cause havoc all over again. He has said many times that he will kill me and I believe he will try. Since the 90s he has held me at gun point as his hostage preformed sexual acts forcing me to watch. He has held me hostage with a knife again for 9 hours both times. Before that he attacked me by hitting my face then hitting my legs with a metal bar leaving me disabled. He has kicked me with steel toe cap shoes. And that is but a few things he has done to me.

His obsession with me has lasted all that time. In his head he thinks we have had a relationship I can say with absolute certainty that is not the case. He has convinced many people of this and is very good at lying.  I know my life will never be free of him where ever I go he finds me. The Police have said they will keep a close eye on where he is in November but no one can watch him all of the time.  I think that people who have this mindset or obsession on woman and Children need to be looked at all the time to make sure his next victim be it myself a child or an elderly person someone will get hurt they always do. No one can protect me unless he does something to me. I cannot get an order of protection unless he hurts me. I am glad there is a strong Stalking law in Scotland but not even that can protect me until he makes a move.

Things need to change this is 2017 but it feels like nothing has moved on yes new laws have come into force but to have to wait until people get hurt before they can help is not good enough nor is a man who is so very dangerous bring allowed out of jail after such a short time.


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