My Life As A Victim Of One Mans Obession

For 35 years I have been the victim of one mans obsession all this time.  We meet as children in a school for kids with various problems he appeared a bit odd but harmless. Many years later he and I crossed paths again he was homeless or so I thought. My Random act of kindness brought me 35 years of hell.  I invited him in my house for a cup of tea.

He came back many times after that uninvited but never the less got a cup of tea and left. On my return from work one day he was waiting for me and to my shock he asked me to marry him. What the hell I thought! Without hesitation I said no as it never crossed my mind Was this a joke I thought but no it was all to real.

He did not take rejection well i discovered I’m going to kill myself he exclaimed I ran inside and closed the door shaking with fear.

After that day so much happened from him holding me hostage to him assaulting me to my severe injury to him vandalising my house. He was convicted of all crimes but did very little jail time.  This goes on to this day when once again he is out of jail to start his campaign of hate again.  While in Jail in another Country he wrote, phoned and made my life hell again.

We have a Stalking Law in this Country but I cannot use it or get help because he was never convicted of that named crime.   I wait in fear for the day he kills me only then will I be talked about when it’s to late as it is the case to often for victims of Stalking or Harrasment from violent people.